Dileep wins the public mandate with the success of 'Ramaleela'?

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Mon, Oct 02, 2017 17:43 hrs

Ever since the release of Ramaleela was announced, there have been debates over whether to support the film or boycott the movie, as its lead star Dileep is in jail as an accused in the actress’ kidnapping case.

The Facebook post by a critic, which was withdrawn after receiving widespread protests, exhorting attack on theatres showing Ramaleela added fuel to the arguments. The supporters of Dileep were arguing that Ramaleela is a combined effort of many, the dream of a young filmmaker and the investment of a producer. Dileep’s ex-wife Manju Warrier also supported this argument and asked all to see Ramaleela.

Now Ramaleela has been receiving favourable reviews and great support from the crowds at the cinemas. And suddenly, the Dileep supporters are claiming that this is showing of the public support for the hero. Filmmaker Lal Jose even posted “victory in the people’s court”, which earned him lots of criticism.

Now the question is this. Can the success of Ramaleela be interpreted that the public believes Dileep has been framed, as alleged by his supporters, or is this only a favourable response for a good film?

This has become Kerala’s hottest debate right now.