Director Abrid Shine apologizes to the media

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Fri, Oct 06, 2017 10:26 hrs

After Dileep came back from Aluva sub jail, there was a flow of industry insiders to his house in Aluva. One of them was director Abrid Shine, who shouted at the reporters and photographers for taking his pictures.

“I have done all these for 12 years as a photographer,” said an angry Abrid Shine. Shine was a photographer for a prominent publication in Malayalam before turning a filmmaker and directing two much appreciated films, 1983 and Action Hero Biju. The reporters promptly reported that if he was doing this then, he should be knowing why they were taking the visuals.

A day after, Shine has apologized to all for his angry behavior. “I should not have raised my voice at the media persons,” said Shine.