“I stand with real men,” says Rima Kallingal

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Fri, Oct 06, 2017 16:46 hrs

Actor Rima Kallingal has shared a controversial post spread by a section of Dileep fans, which is outrageous, sexist and extremely provocative. This was posted by some online media agency, who later apologized. But by then, the harm was already done.

The attacked actress had sent a screenshot of this to her, says Rima.

“I think I have a duty to tell her that all our men shouldn't be shamed for the acts of a few and that we women should stand with the real men of this state,” says she.

Rima mentions about the incidents where the fans of Mohanlal spewed expletives on a woman who wrote a negative review of Pulimurugan and the men who brought shame to Mammootty by making ‘Lichi’ cry.

“We as a society need to tell my friend and the world that, 100 people who distribute sweets outside the jail and copy paste from fake profiles like cowards are not the real men of our society,” adds Rima.