Kaattu review: Is far from perfect but is an honest attempt for sure

The story happens during the 1980s and the narrative looks a bit old fashioned


Sunday 15 October 2017

Movie Title



Arun Kumar Aravind

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Murali Gopy, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar

Director Arun Kumar Aravind’s Kaattu has been scripted by legendary filmmaker P Padmarajan’s son Ananthapadmanabhan.

The story begins in a village in the Tamil Nadu border and then shifts to an area in Kerala, where it all happens years later.

Chellappan (Murali Gopy) has a painful past that he tries to get over with his bravado. He meets a timid youth named Noohukkannu (Asif Ali) in an arrack shop. Chellappan interferes on seeing the cruel treatment meted out on the youth and takes him along, after a fight with the locals.

Noohukkannu starts working with a group of workers, who are making firecrackers. Chellappan turns out to be a big time womanizer and this leads to certain incidents.

The story happens during the 1980s and the narrative looks a bit old fashioned. You can sense the mood of some of those old movies, especially the ones featuring actors like Achan Kunju, for instance. Also the film goes into too much detailing, which obviously makes the going a bit too long, for the kind of plot that is being told.

Even then, this one is an honest attempt, with some brilliant performances and competent writing. Prasanth Raveendran’s visuals and Deepak Dev’s music are good.

Asif Ali is good as Noohukkannu. Pankan, who plays Mooppan, and Unni Rajan P Dev, who plays Poly, are really impressive. Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has a limited screen space, but she makes her presence felt with a good show.

But then, it is Murali Gopy who shines here with a sterling show. He plays a character with a grey shade and is totally convincing.

is far from perfect but is an honest attempt for sure. It is perhaps modeled on those raw and realistic movies made by filmmakers like Bharathan in the past, and succeeds in creating that mood to a certain extent.

Kaattu review- Verdict: An honest attempt