Renu Desai's generic tweet takes a turn; she clarifies

Last Updated: Fri, Oct 06, 2017 14:15 hrs

Renu Desai must be eating her words. She posted about women and how men treat them in the society. But that has gone against her. Her ex-husband Pawan Kalyan’s fans and some section of the media are creating a ruckus about this. The ex-star wife came out with a clarification.

She tweeted, "In yesterdays post I have nowhere mentioned the word FAN of my ex-husband... Media and some people are making this about me against Kalyan Garu's fans. Nenu chala clear gaa rasanu, ee post naa personal issue gurinche kadhu. This is a social thought I have shared as a citizen of this country. I request all of you to take the issue of women freedom, education, health seriously! Mee andaraki amma, akka, chelli unnaru...Idhi naa kosam kadhu, vallu kosam cheyyandi...give them a secure and protected feeling to study, work and have their own emotional freedom. And I sincerely request media channels to use their power of television reach positively instead of just creating drama and misunderstandings! I request all men to come together for your own family members who are women! Thank you."