Suriya: Durai Singam in S3 will be the same fierce cop

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Sun, Dec 04, 2016 11:35 hrs

Be it cinema or a casual interaction, Suriya does everything wholeheartedly that the actor attracts us with his candor talk. With a bright smile, Suriya met few online media for ‘S3’ promotions. His famous Dorai Singam look was missing as the actor has started shoot for Vignesh ShivnN’s Thaana Serndha Koottam (TSK). Excerpts from a candid conversation.

During Kaaka Kaaka release, Vignesh was in school but now, he is directing Suriya. Talking about his transformation for TSK, Suriya says “I can’t simply go and act in Vignesh’s movie, as his working style is unique. Once, Rahman sir told me ‘Our work should always connect with the next generation’ and I think that’s his biggest success. Today, school going kids are in love with Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada songs”. 

“Vignesh wants me to deliver dialogues in a particular modulation and this rule is not just for me, we’ve seen Senthil sir talk more, but in TSK he will not be talking much”, adds the actor.

As an actor, Suriya prefers to attempt different characters and looks but ‘Durai Singam’ is back again with the third instalment, but why? “When we made Singam, I never knew that there would be a second part. Even after Singam 2’s success, Hari sir and I actually opted for a different story and producers were also ready but people kept asking for the third part. One day, Hari told me an interesting line and I was instantly connected it with a real life incident happened in Andhra during NTR’s rule. Major part of S3 has been set in Vizag but again, it will be in Singam format. Bourne Series can never become Harry Potter series, similarly Durai Singam talks and behaves in certain way, which can’t changed and he will always be the same fierce cop”.

Another reason for Suriya's occasional commercial potboilers is to please majority of audience. “Recently, I was shooting in Karaikudi and the taste of people there is completely different from Chennai folks. Even at the Kootathil Oruvan audio launch, a fifty year old man told me ‘When I feel low, would watch films like Aaru and Ghilli’ and many businessmen told me the same. A major section of audience love watching such films, why to disappoint them?” asks Suriya.

Suriya is also in full praise for Hari, director of Singam series. “Hari’s dedication is unmatchable, he would shoot all day with high fever, which he wouldn’t tell anyone. His energy level and intensity inspire everyone that even a crane operator knows that director would need wide angle shot and he would even go for retake on his own for the better shot. The entire team will be on their toes while working with Hari sir but at the same time, he is very humble and doesn't boast about him much”.

In Singam 3, Suriya is paired opposite two heroines. “It was my third wedding anniversary and I had just met Anushka during Singam shoot that we hardly knew each other. But to my surprise, she presented me a clapboard with autographs from the entire crew”. 

The actor adds “Similarly during Georgia shoot, Anushka came to know that her driver was struggling in penury and without any second thought, she presented him a brand new car”.

Talking about Shruti, Suriya says “I’m not saying this because she is Kamal’s daughter. Shruti is very versatile and constantly learning new things.  Despite being a successful heroine, Shruti continues to produce independent music and she recently went to London for an audition and there are chances for her to do a foreign language film”.

For Suriya, relationship with directors goes beyond box office success. He recently attended the audio launch of Venkat Prabhu’s Chennai 28 II. Suriya elaborates “Everyone have strong opinions. Sometimes I listen to directors and they too accept certain things but whatever happens it’s all momentary. My friends circle is very limited and I’m only trying to be at least in talking terms with everyone”. 

’24’ may not be a blockbuster for Suriya but he is proud of that project “I can’t do Salangai Oli like Kamal sir, he has always broken the norm and offered something new to us with films like Nayagan and Pesum Padam. When Vikram Kumar came up with a time travel script, thought it would offer a ‘Back to The Future’ kind of experience to our audience. I can’t keep fighting with same villains just because our market is limited. If I had thought the ‘short term memory loss’ would not be appeal to our audience, Ghajini wouldn't have happened “.

Suriya is also excited about teaming up with Selvaraghavan “Selva’s thought process and the way he extract work from actors have always been different from my style of films, eagerly looking forward to work with him next year”, signs off Suriya.

- Rajasekar S