Aarushi trial: The many holes in CBI's version of events

Source : SIFY
By : Avirook Sen
Last Updated: Fri, Nov 29, 2013 11:45 hrs

One of the intriguing questions about the Aarushi-Hemraj murders is this: if the teenager and servant were murdered in the same room by angry parents who saw them in a "compromising position", as the CBI has repeatedly claimed, how is it that none of Hemraj's blood was ever found in Aarushi's bedroom?

Last year, the CBI tried to mislead the Ghaziabad court where Aarushi's parents are being tried for the two murders, but the attempt was so blatant it was exposed in court by evidence the agency itself placed on record. On that occasion, the CBI counsel tried to tell the court that Hemraj's pillow cover, with traces of his blood on it, was seized from Aarushi's room. He may or may not have been aware that the item itself carried a tag with details of its recovery: it was seized from Hemraj's room in the Talwars' flat, it hadn't traveled to the teenager's bedroom.

Once this failed, the agency went back to the old strategy: the Talwars cleaned the flat thoroughly, removing all traces of Hemraj's blood. This is why it doesn't show up in any forensic report on samples collected from Aarushi's room.

There is a small problem with this: Plenty of Aarushi's blood was found in the room, and it shows up in reports. If the scenario is that two people bled in the same room, in fact, if the CBI is to be believed, on the same bed, it would take a hell of a cleaner to wipe out traces of one's blood and leave the other's for investigators to find. In short, this is impossible.

Dr R.K. Sharma the forensic expert called by the defence told the trial court that the wounds on both victims would have bled profusely. So why wasn't Hemraj's blood found? Selective cleaning up isn't a rational answer.

Dr Sharma added that her injuries suggest that Aarushi would have lost consciousness immediately after the fatal blow was struck. She would have died before she could scream for help.

The expert's testimony, together with what has come before in the trial, paints this scenario for the murders: Hemraj was most likely killed on the terrace; Aarushi died in near silence. A dull thud, and she would have been gone.

But who killed her? This court can only answer if it was (or was not) her parents.

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